About Us

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is a proud member of the worldwide COIL community and proud to host the first ever European COIL Conference. 

The THUAS COIL Committee

To support its efforts to implement COIL strategically throughout the university,  The Hague University of Applied Sciences has appointed a COIL committee. The committee consists of an interdiciplinary team of professionals from across the university who, among other things, is responsible for organising the THUAS European COIL Conference.

The Committee consists of:

  • Simone Hackett - THUAS COIL Coordinator
  • Rajash Rawal - Director of the Management & Organisation Faculty
  • Marina Labrana - Masters & Professional Courses
  • Birgitte Mohrmann - Communications Advisor
  • Alexander Levinson - International Affairs
  • Eric Keur - IT & Educational Services

To contact the COIL Committee, send an e-mail to coil@hhs.nl.

About The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (De Haagse Hogeschool in Dutch) is an international institute in The Hague, the Netherlands, serving over 25,000 students from the region and abroad in one of the most diverse environments in Dutch higher education. The University’s seven faculties offer over 2 dozen bachelor programmes – many of which are taught in English to an international student body – in the following areas:

  • Business, Finance & Marketing
  • Health & Sport
  • IT & Design
  • Management and Organisation
  • Public Policy, Law & Security
  • Social Work & Education
  • Technology, Innovation & Society

THUAS has a strong internationalisation policy that includes the integration of COIL throughout the institution to provide students in all faculties with opportunities for international and intercultural learning.

About the COIL Network

COIL is a worldwide phenomenon today, but it began at one of the 64 institutions that make up the State University of New York (SUNY), which maintains the SUNY COIL Center to this day, under the leadership of Founder Jon Rubin, a keynote speaker at the European COIL Conference.