Visit the European COIL Conference and make a COIL connection

December 1st & 2nd 2016


Explore the world of Collaborative Online International Learning, link up with other interested professionals and make a COIL connection.

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences is proud to have hosted the first-ever European Conference on Collaborative Online International Learning on 1 and 2 December 2016.

The Hague University hosted the first European COIL Conference on 1 and 2 December 2016. The fully booked conference brought experienced COIL collaborators together from all over the world to exchange ideas and pursue new partnerships, while also bringing new talent in and adding new links to the COIL chain.

The conference featured keynote speeches from leading voices in international education such as Darla Deardorff, Rick Arrowood, Robert O'Dowd and Jon Rubin as well as a variety of stimulating presentations, useful workshops and networking activities.

About COIL 

Collaborative Online International Learning 
is a tool used to enhance
 internationalisation at home. It
 is a teaching approach that
 uses internet-based tools and 
online pedagogies to connect students and 
staff from universities in different countries.

COIL activities include courses, projects and other ‘virtual exchange’ or ‘telecollaboration’ activities that bring university students and academics together across borders. Integrating it into the curriculum enhances the intercultural competence of students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study abroad. 

The European COIL Conference

The EuroCOILcon programme offered something for everyone, from seasoned COIL collaborators looking for new partners and possibilities, to virtual mobility beginners looking for a little help getting started. Core themes that were covered were:

  • Getting Started with COIL
  • Taking COIL to the Next Level
  • Inspiring engagement with COIL among colleagues and gaining institutional support
  • Developing Learning Objectives
  • Measuring (intercultural) Competencies
  • Preparing for and dealing with Cultural Differences
  • Innovative IT approaches for anyone and everyone
  • The Future of Virtual Technology and Virtual Exchange

Keynote speeches were delivered by Jon Rubin, founder of the SUNY COIL Center, and Darla Deardorff, leading expert in Intercultural learning, as well as Rick Arrowood, a global educator and seasoned COIL Collaborator and Robert O’Dowd, president of the UNICollaboration organisation for telecollaboration.

What happens next?

The COIL team at The Hague University of Applied Sciences will be following up with all participants in the near future, to facilitate the partnerships and plans made during the conference. Plans are already in the works for the next edition of EuroCOILCon. Stay tuned for further details.